The theatrical adaption of Mahesh Bhatt’s acclaimed film “Arth” was staged in the Capital on International Women’s Day, bringing to forefront the issues concerning the female gender

Among the many plays that were staged recently in the Capital on the occasion of International Women’s Day, The Films and Theatre Society performed the theatrical version of Mahesh Bhatt’s classic film “Arth” at Shri Ram Centre in New Delhi.

Mahesh Bhatt had earlier produced plays “The Last Salute” and “Trial of Errors” in association with Sandiip Kapur’s Promodome Films and now they adapted “Arth” into a theatrical production. On his association with Bhatt, Sandiip said: “When I began producing plays with Bhatt Sahab, I did not know that this association could be so enriching.”

Bhatt, who was present at the venue to encourage the artists, said, “We all borrow from life but not everybody achieves results quite as cauterising.” The play is directed by Priyanka Pathak, a National School of Drama (NSD) graduate who has worked with eminent Indian and foreign theatre personalities. Commenting on her direction, Bhatt said: “When I directed the movie in 1982, it was mine. But from today the play ‘Arth’ is to her credit. Even some scenes in the play were far better than the one directed by me in the film.”

A number of films have been adapted from plays though it is rare to adapt a film into theatre.

Voicing his concern for women, Bhatt said, “This film of mine was way ahead of its time, but today Priyanka has again energised my dream and the message that I wanted to give to the society.” Addressing the issues raised in the play, Bhatt commented, “In the society of today a woman should not be considered merely an object. She has her own life and even if she fails in her married life, she should move ahead. Life does not end there.”

The movie raised two significant issues that affect women: extramarital affairs and the plight of women after divorce. On these Bhatt said, “We need to instil self confidence in women so they can stand up and walk towards a better tomorrow.”

Imran Zahid , who has in the past essayed the role of Muntadar Al Zaidiin in “The Last Salute” and that of journalist Rehan in “Trial of Errors” played the lead role in the play along with Padmashree C.R and Moon Moon Singh, both graduates of NSD.