There’s nothing quite like an evening of razzle dazzle. Add to it a cast of unabashedly maverick characters, flamboyant dancing and catchy music, and you have “Chicago”, recreated specially for Chennai with an enthusiastic local cast.

Directed by Freddy Koikaran, choreographed by Denver Anthony Nicholas and produced by Neesha John-Koikaran, the musical, which premiered at the MetroPlus Theatre Fest, has evolved since its first show. Talking of how it’s now far more personal, Freddy says they have chosen to set it in the intimate Museum Theatre so that the story can quite literally wrap itself around the audience.

“I want them to get the entire experience — sound, music, lights, dancing…” says Freddy, adding that the team wants it to be more than just a memorable visual experience. “We’re focussing more on the acting — and in this smaller theatrical space, you can actually see the characters’ expressions,” he says. “This time, I don’t want people to just enjoy the music and dancing. They should also walk away saying, ‘Hey! That was a cool story.”

With a cast of 30 following the original script, which has been tweaked to convey the flavour of the much-loved movie version (starring Richard Gere, Renee Zellweger, and Catherine Zeta-Jones), the focus here is on entertainment. So enjoy the singing, the dancing and the music. But, most important, enjoy the luxury of lolling in the extravagance and excesses of colourful Chicago.

The show will be held at the Museum Theatre, Egmore, on October 17 and 18 at 7.30 p.m. Donor passes are available online at as well as at all Landmark outlets. There is a also a Deepavali offer valid for October 17, where you can buy two tickets, and get one free at the venue. For details, call 98409 07755.