Uphold dharma, is the command of the Vedas to mankind; and they also hold that dharma will protect those who uphold it. Sanatana dharma has sustained itself since time immemorial by those who have adhered to the path of righteousness. The divine couple, incarnated as Rama and Sita, remained committed to dharma at all costs, even in the thick of adversities, providing an inspiration for us to follow this path. If Rama is the embodiment of dharma, Sita is a cut above in her commitment to her duties, said Tiruchi Sri K. Kalyanaraman in a lecture.

Hanuman is moved to extreme sorrow when he sees Sita’s plight as a captive of Ravana in Asoka Vana. He is overwhelmed by Sita’s helplessness as she is being threatened by him. But even in these circumstances, Sita’s stature stands tall because of her total devotion to Rama and her loyalty to dharma. Her dignified reaction bespeaks tremendous power that is derived from her austere and noble ideals. Sita advises Ravana not to yield to his desire for her, as she is the wife of none other than the Supreme Lord. When Ravana persists, she becomes enraged at his audacity and warns him that she could reduce him to ashes at that instant itself; but being Rama’s wife, she would not do it without His permission. She places that much value on her duties as a wife.

Later Hanuman approaches her and convinces her of his identity as Rama’s messenger, handing over Rama’s signet ring that consoles her. Hanuman reassures her of Ravana’s impending fall. She tells Hanuman that she could easily bring about the destruction of Ravana and Lanka in a trice; and that the 14 lokas would be burnt if only she willed it. She tells him that she refrains from this extreme act because she honours her husband’s vow to kill Ravana. She does not wish to bring down the value of Rama’s vow and the prowess of his bow and arrows. She also feels remorse for suspecting Lakshmana just before she was abducted by Ravana.

Her boundless compassion is seen when she restrains Hanuman from attacking the demonesses who had threatened her. She pointed out that they were only doing their duty and following Ravana’s commands.

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