The spiritual instruction of the Lord incarnate as Kapila to His mother Devahuti is a comprehensive discussion of the paths of Jnana and Bhakti. Out of His Sankalpa, the Supreme Being is born as Kapila to the worthy Kardama and Devahuti who themselves represent the spirit of true renunciation in their own ways, said Sengalipuram Sri B. Damodhara Dikshitar in a lecture.

Worldly life is sustained by the senses that easily attract and enslave human beings. As long as individuals succumb to the pleasurable aspects of senses, they are in bondage. To get liberated from the dominating role of senses that cause karma in people, one has to learn to renounce the sense enjoyments with great determination. True sanyasa is the ability to see the defects in the gratification that senses provide, no matter however attractive they might appear. The mind has to reach a stage where it no longer has even an iota of longing for sense enjoyment. Only then can it turn a blind eye to all the attractions it is tempted with. Kardama exemplifies this essence of genuine renunciation when he wishes to take up sanyasa withdrawing from family life after he has fulfilled his mission — begetting children through Devahuti. Kardama prostrates before Kapila whom he knows to be the Lord incarnate and then departs to the forest.

On her seeking enlightenment, Kapila teaches His mother Devahuti the quintessence of philosophy that can guide people out of the cycle of birth. He explains how individuals spend their lifetime in acquiring wealth and getting rooted to worldly life, family and enjoyments. This happens through their successive births despite the fact that they are subject to severe trials in each one. In addition, all beings have to face the consequences of their actions and thus the baggage of karma grows. The only way to get out of samsara is to cultivate the frame of mind that is free of self-centred desires. Devotion to the Supreme Lord through dedicated discipline and worship is the means. Then the actions of the Jivatma become offerings to the Lord. The company of the pious helps to divert the mind from worldly attractions and focus on the ultimate goal of life.

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