Fusion music is catching up with Indian audiences, who now perceive it as a step forward in making the genre popular, speakers at the launch of '7th Sense,' a musical album of Rajhesh Vaidhya, observed.

Launching the CDs, music director Vidyasagar said Rajhesh Vaidhya has the distinction of making fusion a genre in itself. He attributed the success of many of his compositions to the veena score of Vaidhya.

Director K. Balachander said the veena exponent has attracted the world's attention with his exceptional musical brilliance. He said, Vaidhya's fusion offers a smooth transition from one genre to another. "For a successful career, a musician must keep up with technology to satisfy the listeners. Rajhesh has used technology to beautify the music." MLA S.Ve. Sekhar, violinist V.S. Narasimhan, Carnatic singer Sudha Ragunathan and singer Manicka Vinayagam spoke on the innovations in the album.

There are seven compositions - six instrumental and a vocal by Sudha Ragunathan.

"I have sung Chinnanchiru Kiliye. The song composed by Bharathi has rich imagery. We have toned down the rhythm to enhance the lyrical beauty," she said.

There are some jazz elements in one song but, by and large, a strong Carnatic flavour runs throughout, said Vaidhya. "It is called 7th Sense as I believe each piece will appeal in a unique way to the listener. The tone of veena is also different in every number."

He presented a concert following the launch.