Kala Jyothi, a cultural organisation in association with the Department of Culture and Andhra Bank held the Vaggeyakara festival at Sankara Mutt, Nallakunta, Hyderabad. The three-day festival comprised of vocal and instrumental performances recently and included performances by noted musicians as well as up and coming talent.

On the first day noted vocalist of Vizianagaram, D. Vardhani figured in a vocal recital. One of the top singers of the city rendered the compositions with authority. She chose to present some rare compositions by Thyagaraja. She rendered Ninne Bhajana in Nata ragam, notable for her swarakalpana. Later she presented Marugelara in Jayantasree Adi talam that she sang with feel. She followed it with Manasa Manasamadhyamemi, a rare one in Vardhani ragam Roopaka Talam, preceded with raga rendition in detail. Her performance was filled with charming moves. The kriti rendition was neat with good expression of sahitya with utmost clarity. The swarakalpana she presented was with creative moves that carried raga bhava at every stage. There were some more compositions worth enjoying. She was accompanied by Dinkar on violin and Srinivasa Rao on mridangam.

On the second day, noted vainika D. Srinivas figured. His technique is unique and attractive. He presented some chosen compositions by Shyama Sastry. He opened with Gajananayutham in Chakravakam and went to play Marivere in Anandabhairavi in Misrachapu Talam, a beauty in itself. The raga presentation was unique for his presentation of some beautiful phrases with an apt use of strings. The kirtana presentation was in vocalist style for the audience to enjoy this popular composition verbatim. The main number of his concert Birana Varalichi in Kalyani in Tisragati Adi Talam was a fine presentation. Veena is specially known for tanam presentation, which he aptly chose to present keeping up the raga mode. The swarakalpana was a display of his virtuosi skills. He was accompanied by Dinkar on the violin, his brother D.S.R. Murthy on mridangam and P.V. Ramanamurthy on ghatam.

This was followed by the principal concert of the festival by top grade vocalist pair Hyderabad sisters Lalitha and Haripriya in the company of Dwaram Satyanarayana Rao on the violin and D.S.R. Murthy on mridangam. They chose Dikshitar’s compositions; presenting Lalithambika in Sudhasaveri in Adi talam. The swarakalpana by both was well chiselled to take it to a thrilling end. Later they essayed the raga Hindolam for the composition Govardhana Girisam in Roopaka talam. The main number of the duo was Pantuvarali. They essayed the raga sharing the melody with a leisurely grace and took it to majestic levels. Ramanadham Bhaje

Up and coming vocalist Kollegal Lalitha Padmavati presented the first compositions of Thyagaraja Sadamadindalatu in Gambhiravani and Varalandukommani in Ghurjari. She then sang Devaranamams of Purandaradasa Harichitta Satya in Jhonpuri and Ksheerabdhi Kanya Sri Mahalakshmi a ragamalika number.