Prolific Pakistani musician Attaullah Khan recently returned to India to perform. Despite his popularity across the subcontinent, including Bollywood where his lyrics have been used, his last visit to this country was back in 2007.

The singer known for his Seraiki, Punjabi and Urdu songs performed at the Press Club in New Delhi the other day.

Following the show, he talked about his long sojourn away from his Indian fans, saying he has been busy visiting the U.K. where he is glad his work has been acknowledged.

As for the performance in Delhi, he was “overwhelmed by the response,” and says that if talks are fruitful, he might find himself collaborating with Indian musicians once again. Excerpts from a chat with the multifaceted musician:

What kept you busy till now and what brings you to India after a span of five years (last visit – 2007)?

I was in the United Kingdom as I have a few relatives there, so I kept visiting them every now and then.

I also used to do shows and I am glad my work was acknowledged there.

Meanwhile I was also in talks with a few people in India in regard to my shows.

How was your experience performing for You performed at the fourth season of Coke Studio Pakistan? How was the experience?Do you intend to collaborate with its Indian counterpart?

I very much enjoyed the experience and it was well appreciated in Pakistan.

If I get chance to perform with Coke Studio India, inshallah I’d be more than willing to be a part of it. It’s a great platform for all the singers.

How do you find What do you think about the current Sufi trend in that has crept into the Indian music scene, and ? Also what is your opinion of about singers like Kailash Kher who are associated with Sufi music?

Honestly, I don’t think this particular genre is given the justice it deserves. I am not talking with regard to the Indian context, but in general. Just by inserting one or two lines or an antara is not enough. As far as singers are concerned, I think they are doing a good job by keeping alive the Sufi tradition.

What are you currently presently working on something?

I am on the verge of completing my new album which will come out by March 2013. The album is a compilation of eight songs. Some of them are Sufi and the rest are other kalaams, ghazals and geet. Apart from that, I am guiding my son Sanwal Atta, who is an upcoming singer.

Do you intend to work with the Indian music industry again?

I am going to Mumbai to meet a few musicians, so talks are on. I am also hoping for my show to be held there as well but nothing is confirmed as of now.