Vishnubhotla Sisters displayed fine melody in their rendition.

South Indian Cultural Association (SICA) invited Vishnubhotla sisters Krishnaveni and Saraswathi from Vijayawada to perform at a concert held at Balaji Bhavan. They were accompanied by Ramaraju Dinkar on violin, B.V.S. Prasad on mridangam and Ramanamurthy on ghatam.

The sisters opened their concert with Rasikapriya varnam Yemani Varninthu written by their brother Uday Shankar and presented it with traditional approach in two speeds. This was followed by Mahaganapate in Abhogi, in Khandachapu talam with brief swarakalpana both sharing it like they did in other numbers too in manodharma exercises and kirtana renditions. Ninnu Jeppa Karanamemi in Mandari of Patnam figured next was a simple kirtana presentation but with good expression of sahitya and then brought in their sub-main number Pahi Parvatanandini in Arabhi, Adi Talam of Swati Tirunal. Aarabhi was essayed by them and evolved it into a fine melody displaying their discipline, building inspiring phrases.

The main number of the concert was Mamava Meenakshi in Varali, Misrachapu talam of Diksitar. The raga built was exuberant, as if each competing with the other. It was a methodical text book type presentation with nuances. As it went up to tara sthayi, the essay picked up momentum to pleasing levels with a fine finish. The kirtana rendition was further enriched with a neraval at the line Shyame Sankari, followed by swarakalpana done in exhilarating detail in lower and upper octaves. The tani avartanam by the percussionists kept up the impact of the number. Violinist B.V.S. Prasad balanced his play to the vocalists’ output and his complementary touches to ragas and swaras were a beauty.