Kanaka Durga Venkatesh presented a vocal concert under the auspices of Sri Rama Gana Sabha Trust, Tiruchi, at the Bala Kala Vidhanam Hall, recently. She was ably accompanied by T.H. Vasantha (violin), Swaminathan (mridangam) and Tiruchi Sekhar (ganjira).

Kanaka began with a Tamil Varnam in Hamsadhwani, composed by her teacher Ambujam Vedantam, followed by a composition on Devi in Nattai by Syama Sastri. Her rendition of the Dikshitar kriti in ragam Kaanada, set to misra chapu talam, was well received by the audience.

The Tyagaraja kriti ‘Marubalka’ was noted for its clarity and graceful interpretation of both the song and raga.

Clever choice of kritis

Vasantha wove the swaras very creatively on her violin. The song in Hamir Kalyani by Subbaraya Sastri ‘Venkatasaila Vinoda’ was an aural treat. The concert owed its success to the clever choice of kritis by the artist, noteworthy being a rare composition of the king of Ettayapuram – Ettishwarar’s ‘Gajavadana Sammohithavira’ in which she brought out the essence of the Thodi raga in a very comprehensive manner. Kanaka’s style was simple, straight yet creative and she was always in sync with the sruti.

Swaminathan and Sekhar added dignity to the concert with their expert play on the mridangam and ganjira respectively.