Sriranjani and Sruthilaya gave an enthralling concert.

Confident delivery and crisp presentation of compositions marked the vocal recital of the Vadachittur siblings – Sriranjani Ramkumar and Sruthilaya Ramachandran – featured under the aegis of the Nadabrahmagana Sabha of Vanaprastha, Vadavalli, Coimbatore.

Their wholesome fare, devoid of frills, had a natural gait free of determined patterns that had an impact on the rasikas.

Flagging off the kutcheri with the varnam in Mohanam ‘Ninnukkori,’ followed by the brief sketch of Nattai for the kriti, ‘Jagadanandakaraka’ and the following ‘Subrahmanyena’ (Suddhadhanyasi) the duo entertained the listeners with a cascading style of their music. The Kamakshi swarajati brimmed with an esoteric appeal.

Brisk kalpanaswaras

Sriranjani’s alapana of Simhendramadhyamam was devoid of clichés for the song, ‘Asaindadum Mayilondru’ with a feisty niraval and brisk kalpanaswaras. ‘Maravairi’ (Nasikabhushani), filled with bhava, was a sincere interpretation. ‘Om Namo Narayana’ (Karnaranjani) and ‘Bo Shambho’ were deeply meditative renditions.

A vibrant tillana closed their agenda. Jayaprakash (violin) and Ramachandran (mridangam) gave able support coinciding with the mood of the session and calibre of the vocalists.