An 11-day folk art festival featured artistes from all over the State

Kinnera Art Theatres held a folk art festival featuring artistes across the state. During its 11-day festival folk art troupes state presented shows at Ghantasala Pranganam in Ravindra Bharati.

Bhasmoju Anandachari’s group and Dandepalli Srinivas’ troupe from Karimnagar gave impressive shows. Noted singer of folk songs P.V.Chalapati Rao impressed with his collection of special numbers, some of which are on CDs too.

Mapalle Sankar and party of Ranga Reddy district presented impressive folk dances that drew applause from audience.

On another day Srinivas Gowd’s presentation of a song Mallanna neeku vela dandaale was a mix of comical folk idiom. Jeevan rendered Sara Saramma Sara an engaging song and Emmaava koppu etestavo a satirical bit. The highlight of the evening was Vijayalakshmi’s rendition of film songs, like Eruvaka sagaro ranno chinnanna, Mokkajonna totalo musirina cheekatlalo and a few other songs eliciting loud applause from audience. She presented these folk numbers gracefully with little dance movements.

On another day Vidyanandachari, the PRO of the Culture department and his troupe presented a few scintillating numbers like Tellacheera Tella Raika, Tellavaranga Tanama; Chetula Thatta Cempaku Lotta; Erra Cheeragattukoni Ellipothunna Pilla Evaramma; and a few others. Later he was presented with the title of ‘Sataroopa Vyakhyana Parveena’ for serving as commentator for all the programmes in this folk art festival.

Dandepalli Srinivas and party presented folk dances to songs Gal gal sappulla gajul destine; Alla neredu panduneriyalo; Yeru yeruni daati and Chilakapacha cheera gatti. An audio CD of Vaddepalli Krishna, ‘Mana Janapadaalu’ was released by N.Gopi during the fest.