An engrossing dance drama Vasavi Kanyaka, written by N.Ch. Jagannadhacharyulu, was presented at Gokaraju Laila Gangaraju Kala Vedika situated on the grounds of G.V.R. Government College of Music and Dance, Vijayawada.

Rajamahendravaram kingdom was ruled by Vishnuvardhana and Kusumagupa was the ruler of Penugonda, a small part of the kingdom. Kusumagupa's children were twins Vasavi (who was the incarnation of Goddess Parvathi) and Virupaksha. An astrologer predicts that King Vishnuvardhana's death would be a cruel one. Saddened by this, Vishnuvardhana takes up a tour of his kingdom and incidentally sees the grown up and beautiful Vasavi. He falls in love with her and wants to marry her by putting pressure on Kusumagupa who belongs to the peace-loving community of Vysyas.

In those days, according to Varnasrama Dharma, Vysyas were prohibited to marry Kshatriyas and Kusumagupa is reluctant to fight with the powerful king. To save her father's honour, Vasavi and some more Vysyas commit self immolation. Since then, Vasavi becomes the Goddess of Vysya community and is worshipped as the incarnation of Parvathi.

The superbly-enacted dance drama was set to music by N.Ch. Butchiacharyulu and attractively choreographed by N. Ushamadhavi. The well-trained cast included Usha Madhavi, Anuradha, Siri, Priyanka, Pavani, Chaitanya Sidhardha, Viveka Vardhani, Kumari, Ojasri, Amulya, Poojitha and others. Fine vocal support was provided by N.C. Kausik Kalyan and N. Prardhanakrishna. Instrumental support came from. V. Lakshmana Kumar who rendered the nattuvangam and instrumental support came from P. Satyanarayana (mridangam), S. Kumar Babu (flute), K. Murali Mohan and K. Subramanya Raju (violins).

The programme was held under the banner of Sirimuvva Nritya Niketan.