Imagine a nurse who takes care of a sick relative, monitors health parameters, gives medicines on time and alerts you if the need arises. Children of Chennai Public School are trying to build a robot that will do just that. 

“It is difficult to get people to monitor old people at homes, and even assist doctors during important surgeries,” said C. Damini, a class VII student who leads the team. The robot, said students, was in the development phase and could process images and reports. 

Nearly 100 such projects were displayed at the National Robotics Competition – The Junior Roboteer, organised by Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Foundation at Anna University on Monday. 

The farmer robot developed by teams of students from Odisha, too, was popular at the event. “It can test the PH, sensitivity and moisture level of the soil and sow suitable seeds. It can also do other work such as ploughing and harvesting,” said Gautham Padhy from Bahrampur who teaches robotics to children in Odisha. 

From racing to fighting, the robots could do it all. “Although robot kits are available in the market, we have encouraged the children to build everything from scratch,” said Nandhini Badri, a teacher who had accompanied students from St. Peters School.

Kris Kumar, founder, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Foundation, said the event was aimed at not only bringing down the cost of making robots, but also at encouraging children to think innovatively. “Children develop critical thinking while developing robots and also have a lot of fun. Also, the use of materials available in local markets ensures we can make robotics affordable to all.”