Pearson Education Services has launched a ‘Teacher Certification' Programme. The programme certifies the proficiency of teachers in using technology in their classroom sessions.

The programme is a model developed to produce technologically-competent teachers, who can facilitate an effective learning process. The assessment can be taken by the teachers online and there are two levels of certification offered:

Level 1 Assessment: Teachers can take this up immediately after finishing training on usage of technology. The objective of this assessment is to encourage teachers to acquire the basic skills necessary to effectively use the technology in the classroom. After a teacher successfully completes the first level of assessment, he/she is awarded the Basic Level Certificate.

Level 2 Assessment: A teacher is eligible for level 2 after having continuously used technology in their classroom delivery for more than a year. The objective of this assessment is to encourage teachers to explore various features of the technology solution on their own after the initial training, and also to enhance their skills.

This is considered as the Final Assessment and after a teacher successfully completes this level, he/she is awarded the Advanced Level Certificate.

Certifying teachers for technology use will in turn improve curriculum delivery. Srikanth B Iyer, COO, Pearson Education Services, said “The idea behind launching a professional Teacher Certification programme is to simply make teachers more comfortable with using technology in their classroom delivery. The certification will make a teacher tech savvy and prepare her/him for the next wave of technology-enabled teaching.”