After rejection of their visas, following changes in Australian immigration policy

Thousands of Indian students are struggling to get back their prepaid tuition fees from Australian educational institutions after their visas were rejected following changes in the immigration policy.

Overseas students, particularly from India, are lining up to get their fees back after their visa applications were refused following the international student attack crisis that led to various college closures, The Age has reported.

Australia's education experts have estimated that the outstanding fees could run into millions of dollars. However, the Australian government has not divulged the total amount of the prepaid tuition fees sought, though the data relating to the fees and visa refusals are recorded on an electronic government database, known as PRISM (Provider Registration and International Student Management System).

Students are seeking refunds from colleges that had either closed due to a federal government crackdown, or are still open but face financial constraints because of a downturn in student enrolments, particularly from India. Under Australian law, course fees must be refunded within 28 days.