There are some films not worthy of reviews, some because words can’t do justice to the brilliance and some because it’s pointless. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Vennela One and Half falls into the latter category. The film, touted to be a sex comedy has neither: sex or comedy.

With a disclaimer that this film is dedicated to Vennela Deva Katta, you see that Vennela One and a Half takes off from Vennela, the title cards show clips from the earlier films. Kadar (Kishore) and Sunil (Madhu) from the earlier film remain in this crass and downgraded version of the film. A convenient or perhaps deliberate Bangkok locations give the film an excuse to pile up on the she-male jokes that don’t work, except for maybe that one dialogue from Kadar on being molested by a she- male, “Mere abba ko boltun main!” Adding to this tastelessness, are Kadar’s misplaced T- shirts, bandanas and revolting tattoo sleeves.

While a story becomes rather pointless at this point, we’ll indulge you with the faint odour of a story lurking around in the movie. Meet Krishna Krishna (Chaitanya) who originally sets out to break up Vennala’s (Monal Gujjar) engagement with her fiancé. But he falls in love with her and she does too. But when she finds out about his (gasp!) lies and scheming, she slaps him and runs away heartbroken. The rest of the story is about how the friends mess up, indulge in silly acts...ahem, trying to help the couple.

From the Kya Kool Hai Hum clan of film-making, it tries to be like American Pie, but fails miserably. It’s just a mindless excuse for a film, filling up the 70mm. Adult comedy, though crass is still watchable because it’s funny.

The film is not for those looking for cinema, but for those with raging hormones, looking for a cheap laugh. Sorry for the spoiler but you get to see Bhramanandam, Tagubothu Gautam and Vennala Kishore talking and a live-minute ten-minute countdown followed by regular adverts. How novel?


Cast: Chaitanya Krishna, Monal Gajjar, Vennela Kishore, Madhu, Harish, Brahmanandam, Thagubothu Ramesh, Raghu Babu

Director: Kishore

Genre: Adult comedy(ish)

Plot: When forced to move to Bangkok because of some ridiculous condition, two guys find unfunny chaos

Bottomline: Strictly for the hyper college-goer