Udayanidhi Stalin impresses in ‘OK OK’

With the excitement of a school boy, Udayanidhi Stalin admits to being very restless on the eve of the release of OK OK.

“I did not sleep for ten days during the release. I never thought the film would be such a big hit,” says the first time actor and grandson of politician Karunanidhi. Udayanidhi says he’s particularly fond of comedy. He even did a small guest role in Aadhavan on the insistence of the director K.S. Ravi Kumar, but when he voiced his desire to be a hero, his wife was scandalised.

He quips, “The pressure was on me, my wife asked me why I was doing this and risking the good reputation of being a producer and a distributor in the industry. But later she enjoyed the film thoroughly, she saw the film through during the dubbing and was more confident than me.

Actually if you see a film so many times you tend to lose the ability to judge, but she was super confident. Even Suriya would call me during the shooting and encourage me, saying that I was doing a good job. A lot of people say that acting is in my genes, but I put in hard work.”

The actor is bored and says it’s high time he embarked on his second film; he will be finalising the script in ten days and reveals that he will not work without Santhanam.

Harris Jeyraj will be there too. “Lot of people said they saw the film ten times, and my grandfather said that it didn’t look like my first film — that was my biggest compliment. I did a lot of rehearsals, took a handy cam etc .When I see Aadhavan I feel embarrassed, I wish I had done it better.”