If some make you inquisitive, some scare you, not to forget the feel-good titles to the ones that ooze love and romance, movie titles are getting bizarre, here's what's coming up next

The Telugu film industry never ceases to surprise us with its strange titles of films.

And this summer too, the titles of the films registered at the Film Chamber is no different. Towards the end of March around 66 titles have been registered and this time very few of them have taglines.

Nandini Reddy's Ala Modhalaindi seems to have inspired Multi Colour Films banner to register Modhaliandhi Ila, they weren't allowed Ila Modhalindi because it almost sounded and meant the same. Posani Krishna Murali's Nitya Pellikoduku might have bombed but that didn't deter the same producer to come up with Nitya Pellikoothuru. Even before the release of Puri Jagan's Nenu Na Rakshasi, three titles Na Darling Rakshasi, Na Rakshasi Darling and Na Preyesi O Rakshasi have been accounted, all by different banners. Some director must have liked Puri Jagan's movies a lot, so he goes one step ahead and attempts to cash on his name, calls it Puri Jagannath. Ditto with Digi Quest India Ltd which is sure to have Ram Gopal Varma's, extra attention, they have titled their film A Shyam Gopal Verma Film with a tag line ….a film you can't miss.

Another banner United Movies even hijacked Varma's title of his book for their next fim, it's termed Na Istam but Jogi Naidu who originally registered it on Clapboard Productions banner denies and says he wanted to make the film with Allari Naresh to be directed by Parusuram but since the project got delayed he gave it away to Paruchuri Prasad of Simha, who is now making it with Rana and Genelia.

The chamber has formulated a new rule, i.e. one should launch a film within three months of registering the title, the banner of course has to be registered and each banner is allowed two titles, says Prasanna Kumar, Secretary of Producers Council.

The same rules are being applied in Tamil Nadu as well. Some other interesting names: Manchu Manoj's film Mr Nokia, Chandra Siddarth's longest ever title... Ee paata korina vaaru Gambhirraopet Gangaputra Colony Nundi Rama, Jyotsna, Shankar, Pandu, Veeraju, Govind Rao..modhalagavaru. Sunil Kumar Reddy had thought of Eamcet as a title for his next subject that would revolve around excessive obsession of parents with their childrens' studies but gave it up as someone else wanted to make it.

Now Srikar Movie Makers is on the job with the film Eamcet with the tagline LKG to Eamcet. Another film on education and that gloats over degrees is Ma Abbayi Engineering Student.

There has to be a film or at least a tagline that revolves around the current political issues, so there comes Samrajya PoratamJai Telangana Jai Samaikhyandhra, followed by Udyamam, Samara Shankam.

For family story lovers and for those who believe there is plenty of meaning behind a pair of gold bangles gifted by parents to the girl at marriage, there is Puttinti Gajulu... bangaru chelli ki kondantha anda from VJ Productions.

Finally this is not for the pessimists or the weak-hearted or for people who think it's the end of the world, the title 2012 Kompa Kolleru is registered for an out and out rom-com.