Film makers have successfully conditioned moviegoers into watching mediocre movies; their excuse to kill time is that the narration or the treatment of the film is ‘different'. Here is the same story of a guy coming up in life due to a Samaritan's help and the former showing no gratitude and guns for his life instead.

Raj Kiran is the village landlord and he has an equally good hearted son Dhanush who is sent away to his uncle's house to avoid getting into village politics. The young man inevitably returns, to fall in love with his childhood friend Thamanna and save his father from Prakash Raj's evil designs.

The film is set against a village backdrop and the script is interesting only to some extent. Originally Venghai in Tamil, it has been dubbed in Telugu to cash in on ‘Kolaveri' Dhanush's recent success; otherwise there is no reason why people here should buy such a predictable story where Dhanush hasn't put in any extraordinary effort or done anything challenging. Prakash Raj plays a greedy man who becomes an MLA. He keeps throwing everything in sight when he is angry – be it his cell phone, slippers or a dhoti.

The rural comedy is crass and Prakash Raj must have played this role a zillion times. Thamannah has only one important scene towards the end when she attempts to poison Dhanush's father even while living in his house. However, this twist falls flat, as you can predict that one coming five minutes earlier. The first half of the story is sluggish but later on it moves at a furious pace.

It is a lengthy, lethargic and unexciting film and one watches it with a degree of indifference. Devisri Prasad's music is pretty ordinary. Oorvasi is okay in an anxiety driven role and Sudha Chandran maintains the single poker expression. A very predictable movie for people who have nothing better to do.


Cast: Dhanush, Tamannah

Direction: Hari

Music: Devisri Prasad

Plot: Father wants to protect the son but the son protects him instead

Bottomline: Old wine in an old bottle