Actor Lakshmi’s phone has not stopped ringing ever since her Telugu film Mithunam released. And, she’s still taking in all the congratulatory notes. “I’m glad I was approached for the film; the minute I listened to the story, I wanted to do it. It’s a moving film that captures emotions, which everyone in his or her time would have experienced. The story revolves around two old people. With just two people on the screen for nearly two hours, the director has done a fantastic job. The highlight of the movie is S.P. Balasubrahmanyam who plays my husband,” says Lakshmi.

On the wide web

D. Imman is getting busier by the day. So, it’s no surprise he now has a website that enables his fans to get closer to him — The music director, who has such hits as Mynaa and Kumki to his credit, says the website has a lot of information about him, and has been linked to plenty of social networking sites. On his music and projects in hand, he says, “My focus is always music, and I’m the most comfortable composing music in my recording theatre. Right now, I’m composing music for actor Vijay’s, Prabhu Solomon’s and Vikram Prabhu’s upcoming films.”

Half century

Fifty and going — actor Sathyan is thrilled! With Onbadhula Guru directed by P.T. Selvakumar, he now has 50 films to his credit.

“ Since my first filmChinna Thambi Periya Thambi, I’ve done a variety of roles. I’m grateful to producers and directors who’ve made it happen. Though I’ve been a hero, done comedy and character roles, there are talks on making me a hero again. If the story and screenplay are taut, I’m game for it. But, I want to be in the limelight through comedy, as I enjoy that a lot. Films such as Santhosh Subramaniam, Nanban, and Thuppaaki have given a boost to my career. Right now, I have over a dozen films in hand,” says the actor.