Other than reinstating the stereotype of a ‘hero', Nippu does nothing else. Surya (Raviteja) is a gym instructor and owner who also takes care of ‘settlements' and goons sometimes. When the bruised villains ask him where he is from, Surya twirls his moustache and says, “All the three regions need me because I am from Hyderabad. I was born in Andhra, educated in Rayalaseema and grew a muscle in Telangana…” he growls. Surya has also earned Raja Goud's (Pradeep Rawat) ire by beating his men to pulp.

Surya's best friend Sriram — their friendship is established through the song Alibaba — who goes to Saudi Arabia gets implicated in the murder case of his girlfriend Vaishnavi (who accidentally falls from the roof-top), for which he is sentenced to death. Surya must save his friend from getting beheaded. How? Well, he must get Vaishnavi's father's signature on a form declaring forgiveness towards the accused. Still wondering who is Vaishnavi's father? Raja Goud of course.

Meanwhile, Surya is in love with Meghana, Sriram's sister. In a rather unintelligent and twisted plot, Surya tries get Raja Goud to sign the papers by teaming up with Shankar Kaka (Mukul Dev), another goon from Hyderabad. The plan almost works but when Surya tells him the truth, Raja Goud vows vengeance. Raja Goud's wife says that she is willing to get the papers signed by him but only if Surya will marry her younger physically challenged daughter. The hero agrees.

Sriram returns home, sans dark circles and beaming. In another strange twist, Sriram gets taken by Raja Goud, who wants to avenge his daughter's death by killing him. Surya saves the day, yet again. Also, let's not forget that all the goons support Surya, Meghana tells her father that she loves him. Any guesses on who marries the other girl? Well Sriram volunteers. Phew!

Nippu offers little scope for anyone to excel, the plot is long and winding, ridden with long fight sequences and motion freeze action bits that bore. The female characters bear no weight upon the story. The screenplay is absent, one scene doesn't link up to the other and if that's not enough to drag the film down, random songs stuffed into the storyline offer little solace.


Cast: Raviteja, Deeksha Seth, Srikanth, Pradeep Rawat, Mukul Dev

Director: Gunashekhar

Music: S.S. Thaman

Plot: A do-gooder guy/ almost-goon tries to save his friend from being executed in Saudi Arabia

Bottomline: Even though it's the villains who are getting punched, it's your intelligence that gets bruised