Director Priyadarshan and showman Subhash Ghai team up for a project

Subhash Ghai's next film under his Muktha Arts banner is to be directed by Priyadarshan. For deciding on the story and other details, the ‘Showman of Bollywood' flew down to Chennai for talks with the ace director.

Talking about the project, Subhash Ghai said he has always wanted to do a film with Priyadarshan. “I have seen some of his films, and like the way he handles the subject. He is versatile and can do a Kancheevaram as well as a Khatta Meetha, and I'm glad he's making a film for us.” Work on the film will start next year.

Priyadarshan is excited about teaming up with Ghai. “Every film I've signed up for has been a surprise of sorts. So is this. I'm very happy about this development. But, after doing more than 80 films in many languages, I feel I deserve it,” he smiles.

Story matters

The cast of the film has not been decided as yet, says Ghai. “The story is the backbone of any film. We'll move on to other details after finalising the storyline. It is up to the director to choose the actors and technicians. When I produce a film, I stop with fixing the director and deciding on the story. It is up to the director to steer the film forward, and I'm confident Priyan will do a good job.”

Ask Priyan why he sticks to formulaic films in Hindi despite making award-winning films such as Kanjeevaram in Tamil, and he says: “One cannot do films such as Veyil, Kanjeevaram and Kadhal in Hindi. I'll be frank. All my Hindi films are commercial movies, and I do them to earn a bigger name.”

Will the Ghai-Priyan partnership be a remake of any of the latter's Malayalam films? “Nothing has been finalised as of yet. When I started doing Hindi films, I stuck to remaking my own Malayalam films as I was not happy with the stories that came to me. I have written all my films in Malayalam (36); that's a huge bank of stories to draw from. Also, remaking those stories give me a chance to polish and present them in a glossy manner, something I could not do earlier. I also want a larger audience to see my films.”

And, to those who say a remake does not call for much creativity, Priyan says: “Who said a remake is an easy job? It involves work too. And, it can also be an award-winning effort. For instance, Martin Scorsese, of whom I am a big fan, remade the Hong Kong film, Internal Affairs, as the English Departed and won an Oscar for it.”

If that's the case, why did his Shahrukh-starrer Billu, a remake of the Malayalam hit Katha Parayumpol, fail? “That was because the stars ended up being bigger than the film. The audience wanted to see more of the stars, and returned disappointed. So, you can't blame anyone for it,” he explains.

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Arts, Entertainment & EventsMay 14, 2012