Cocktail, a 2010 Malayalam thriller, is being remade in Tamil by director Bharathan of Azhagiya Thamizh Magan fame. Titled Athithi, it features Nandaa, who played the lead in films such as Eeram, Vanthaan Vendraan and Velore Mavattam, and Ananya. “After Velore Mavattam, I did Puthiya Thiruppangal which is awaiting release. Meanwhile, Athithi came along and I was attracted to the role which was originally played by Sunil Menon in Cocktail,” says Nandaa.

Meet the new don

When two great artistes come together, one can only expect a spectacular film. Accomplished director Perarasu has cast director-actor Parthepan as a don in his forthcoming Tihar. Besides, there are Unni Mukundan, Akansha Puri and Krithiba Bhat in the film. Perarasu has already shot many important scenes in countries such as Dubai and Spain, and is at present doing a lengthy schedule in Chennai. “Parthepan's character, Alexander, is crucial to the story. When he perceives the hero, played by Unni Mukundan, as a threat to his position, he banishes him to Dubai. But circumstances bring him back to India. There is obviously the power struggle and the resultant twists and turns are sure to make Tihar an edge-of-the-seat entertainer. The film is titled Tihar just to show the gravity of the screenplay,” says Perarasu.

Happy times ahead

Director Jai Akash launches the sequel to his successful Telugu film Anandam, titled Anandam Arambam. Jai, who plays the lead in the bilingual, has signed up Miss Mumbai 2011, Anjal Singh, as the heroine. The story is about three friends who are all married. Due to some misunderstanding with their respective wives, they decide to go on a holiday to Goa. There they come across three beautiful women and fall for them. Hearing about this, the wives team up and head for Goa. That's when all the fun, and the confusion, starts. Anandam Arambam is all about the developments that take place in their individual lives.