Rami Reddy who had been typecast as the villain in innumerable films was finally chosen to play a saint in Guruvaram but nobody thought that would be his swan song.

In one scene, a woman comes to Baba carrying a sick child in her arms. He chides her for her negligence and blesses the child. In the next scene, the woman returns to place the cured child at the feet of Baba.

As these images are played on the monitor during the editing, music composer turned filmmaker, Vighna Vinayaka tells you that the story is based on real incidents.

“The miracles are there but without graphic gimmicks. Most of the story in the second half of the film is narrated through songs and couplets. Music is a major high in the movie- Keeravani, R.P. Patnaik and M.M. Srilekha rendered some of the songs.” He said casting Rami Reddy for the role happened as miraculously as he performed some of them in the movie. “I cannot afford to have big guns playing the part. And some actors have already done the role. If I repeat them it will be like typecasting. When I was wondering whom to cast, at 3.30 a.m. on one fine morning I woke up to a lingering feeling that Baba suggested Rami Reddy's name.

He had lot of potential in him though he was restricted to playing the baddie. Moreover he was a good friend. Curiosity and discussions among the audience may also arise if I take him.”Vighna Vinayaka started his career as an assistant to various music directors including composer Vidyasagar. After winning popularity through his devotional music albums, he got his break as a music director with the Rajendra Prasad-Roja starrer, Mee Aayana Jagratha. “Thursday is considered auspicious as it was Baba's favourite day. It has significance for his devotees. Hence the title and as for the theme – children and old people have innocent qualities in them. People tend to become sinful during their youth because of compulsions of existence. By sins I mean they may imbibe jealousy, ego, lust for wealth etc.

It is only when they grow old do they realise their folly and turn towards spiritualism. In this context I narrated how to attain salvation through Baba's story as I undersand it,” signed off Vighna Vinayaka. He is planning the audio launch on June 30.

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