1. Which champion Indian badminton star is shaking a leg in a dance number for the Telugu film Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde?

2. Agent 47 is to be the reboot to the 2007 video game adaptation of which flick?

3. Which adaptation of a Rock Hudson-Gina Lollobrigida hit featured MGR and Saroja Devi?

4. Name Boston's most notorious gangster set to be played on screen by Johnny Depp in Black Mass?

5. Which cinema Knight and Oscar-nominated actor is to helm Disney’s live action Cinderella?

6. Name the music director of the Nagesh-classic Edhir Neechal which featured some memorable songs.

7. In which Vince Vaughn film did Lance Armstrong play a cameo by delivering a mini-inspirational speech to the former at a bar?

8. Which much-appreciated film is a dramatization of the ‘Canadian Caper’ based on an article published in 2007?

9. Which music expert and artist played Lord Muruga in MKT’s hit Sivakavi?

10. If Gene Autry was the ‘Singing Cowboy’ then who was dubbed the ‘King of the Cowboys’?


1. Jwala Gutta.

2. Hitman.

3. Anbe Vaa.

4. Whitey Bulger.

5. Sir Kenneth Branagh.

6. V. Kumar.

7. Dodgeball.

8. Argo.

9. S. Rajam.

10. Roy Rogers.

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