Vignesh plays a negative role in Poonai, but we understand that the character has been etched in such a way that the audience will root for him. “Circumstances turn him into a killer and he lands in jail from where he escapes. The story revolves around the problems he faces while on the run. Poonai (with a tagline: ‘Which turned into a tiger’) has Devika Madhav too in a negative role. Two negatives make a positive, and that's how the screenplay evolves,” says director Ramkrishmirnaali. Chandrakala appears as Vignesh's wife in the flashback sequences. The director informs that a 20-day schedule was recently completed in a hill station, and the second schedule is underway in Chennai.

Calling the shots

M. R. Balamitran makes his directorial debut with Kalvargal after gaining considerable experience working under directors Selva and Jothikrishna. Kalvargal, for which he has also written the story and the screenplay, features new faces Karthik, Abhay and Murugadas (Aadukalam) in the lead roles. “An entertaining action film, Kalvargal revolves around three youngsters who are members of the Friends of Police. The heroine is another new face, Anita, from Kerala,” says Balamitran.

Tale with a twist

M. Pandyan and Rasikapriya play the lead in director Arumugasamy's Appavukku Kalyanam. An undertaker (vettiyan) lives in the hope of getting married to the girl he loves. But, as fate would have it, she dies and he performs the cremation without knowing who it was. When he gets to know about this, can you imagine his state of mind? Well, that's the crux of Arumugasamy’s screenplay. He has also written the lyrics for the songs composed by Charles.