Another romantic comedy from director Rajesh and it turns out better than his maiden attempt, Siva Mansula Sakti. Boss (a) Baskaran (U) has all the makings of a winner, if you can forget the climax where Rajesh's imagination seems to have dried up. Arya, who made you laugh your lungs out in some of the scenes in his debut, Arindhum Ariyaamalum, goes for it again — this time in a completely light-hearted caper. Teaming up with Santhanam, the hero does his bit to make matters rip-roaring.

Diversity marks Arya's choice of roles. So you see him perform comedy with élan in Boss … after a serious character in Madrasapattinam.

Baskaran (Arya) or Boss, as he is known, is a wastrel, who has been struggling for years to become a graduate, in vain. He falls in love with the examiner Chandrika (Nayantara) and if you think that it's going to motivate him to study and clear the exams, you are wrong. Rajesh has avoided predictability, which enhances viewer interest in Boss …

In the scene where Arya ogles at Shakila, the new teacher at the tutorial, and turns towards Santhanam and earnestly says, “Inga Yaenda Kootikittu Vandhae?” (“Why did you bring her here?), he has you in splits. Such witty one-liners sprinkled throughout the film exemplify Rajesh's yen for healthy levity. In fact, clean comedy is the USP of Boss … Another gratifying aspect is that the film has no item number. Rajesh knows the pulse of the audience. The third duet is redundant but thankfully Chitra Lakshmanan, who is brought in as the villain in the song, lends a comic twist to the sequence.

Nayantara looks ravishing and her costume designer, Nalini Sriram, deserves special mention. The wardrobe spells elegance and accentuates Nayan's slim-trim look. Sporting a suppressed smile whenever she witnesses Arya's humorous takes, her reactions are a joy to watch.

Boss … is easily Santhanam's best fun sojourn till date and the actor outdoes the comic strips he offered in SMS. As it is a full-length humour feature, all major and minor characters, including Lakshmi Ramakrishnan and Ashwin Raja (the gluttonous son of Velpandi), contribute to the fun. Yet among all of them, Subbu Panchu, who plays the elder brother of Arya, stands out.

Probably only Rajesh can think of giving Rajendran, the menacing villain of Naan Kadavul, a light-hearted don's role!

Kumbakonam and its surroundings and the songs filmed abroad stand testimony to Sakthi Saravanan's skilful cinematography. Dinesh's dance choreography for the ‘Ada Boss …' piece, and Arya's adept footwork, particularly for the ‘Yaar Indha Penn Dhaan' song where an entire charanam has been shot without cuts, deserve kudos.

If Arya made a guest appearance in SMS, Jiiva returns the compliment here. Making an entry towards the end as Chandrika's sophisticated suitor, he ends up revealing himself as a native guy with a weakness for liquor. Jiiva's sudden turnabout is the point where Rajesh takes the viewer for granted — hence the finale fails to tickle. Yet despite its share of flaws, Boss … is enjoyable.

Healthy entertainer worth a watch!

Boss (a) Baskaran

Genre: Rom-com

Director: M. Rajesh

Cast: Arya, Nayantara, Santhanam

Storyline: An idler becomes responsible after he's struck by Cupid's arrow. But even then he is in no hurry …

Bottomline: Clean fun all the way!