Schools have shut for vacation and parents are looking for activities to keep their tiny-tots engaged. Here are a few animated movies lined up for the summer — to keep the entire family engrossed!

Chhota Bheem And The Throne Of Bali (May 3)

This movie by Yash Raj Films is based on the famous animated series. It is the second movie in the series to come to the theatres after Chhota Bheem And The Curse Of The Damyaan. In the latest film, the King of Bali invites Chhota Bheem and his friends to Bali for the Prince’s coronation. However, before the group reaches the scenic Bali, it is captured by Rangda, the evil witch who wants to rule Bali. The prince, however, manages to escape and form an alliance with Chhota Bheem and his friends. Find out how they take on Rangda and save the kingdom of Bali.

Epic (May 17)

The film releases in India almost a week ahead of its release in the U.S. It is directed by Chris Wedge of Ice Age fame. The film is an adaptation of The Leaf Men And The Brave Good Bugs by William Joyce. It tells the story of a naturalist’s daughter who gets magically shrunken in the woods. She is introduced to the world of Leafmen who have to fight the Boggans to save the forest. The characters are voiced by Jason Sudeikis, Amanda Seyfried, Steven Tyler and Josh Hutcherson.

Monsters University (June 21)

A prequel to Pixar’s Monsters, Inc, the film takes us back 10 years, to the time when Mike and Sulley were in college, or as they call it in Monstropolis, the ‘Monsters University’. We get to know that although Mike and Sulley have known each other before, they have always hated each other. When they both get accepted into the same course (where they are trained to be scarers), they are both visibly upset. What ensues is a series of events that turn them from enemies to the best of friends in Monstropolis. The voices for this movie are by Billy Crystal, John Goodman and Steve Buscemi.