For mobile devices including phones, laptops and tablets

Eveready Industries India Ltd (EIIL) is launching a new product—a range of universal portable chargers for mobile devices including phones, laptops and tablets. Through this range of products, EIIL aims to bridge the gap between the ever-increasing need for battery life in mobile devices and the limited capacity of batteries available on portable devices. The company, which sells 1.2 billion units of dry cell batteries annually, is hoping that this offering would boost its sagging fortunes by 2013-14. It reported a Rs.79.9 crore-loss in 2011-12 and hopes to break even this fiscal with improved results in the third and the fourth quarter.

EIIL director Amritanshu Khaitan told The Hindu that the universal chargers would be a new vertical, aimed at revitalising the brand. “We are launching in Kolkata and then the four metros and in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. After April we will go pan-India,” said Mr. Khaitan.

“The number of smartphones users is over 40 million, and today’s youth, does a lot with their phones other than just talking and texting. They use their phones for socializing, shopping, gaming, banking and a lot more. This constant need to stay connected requires substantial power backup which the phone’s battery cannot support, leaving the user helpless... This is where the new product steps in,” he added.

Digital marketing

The range comprises four different products. There are two quick chargers for smartphones and tablets, apart from one charger for feature phones and a universal USB charger.

To a question on the distribution , Mr. Khaitan said that with this product, EIIL would look at digital marketing for the first time.

The product has already been listed on Flipkart and other online retail platforms. It would be advertised on social media. “The response from Flipkart has been good”, he said.

“We will adopt a three pronged approach for marketing this product — modern trade, digital platform and social network sites like Facebook, Twitter and the various Apps. We plan to exit 2013-14 with the product being available in 10,000 outlets,” he said.

The product is imported from China, although in-house research and development has gone to ensure its adaptability to the Indian conditions, Mr. Khaitan stressed.

The price-point varies between Rs. 1,200 and Rs. 3,200 for a portable charger.