The Bhutanese Guide to Happiness; Gyonpo Tshering ( Ed.), Margaret Gee, Penguin Ananda, Rs. 399

What can we learn from a country where Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross Domestic Product? This inspirational collection of quotations—apart from being funny and quirky—reflects the values of the unique country of Bhutan, and its universal embrace of compassion, understanding and kindness. This remarkable little kingdom in the Eastern Himalayas may just hold the secret to lifelong happiness.

The Bhutanese grounding in Buddhist ideals suggests that material and spiritual development should occur side by side. Dive into this inspiring collection of wisdom, proverbs and advice to help you along your own road to happiness.

Diva Green: A Vegetarians Cookbook; Ritu Dalmia, Hachette India, Rs. 699

Award-winning chef and restaurateur Ritu Dalmia adds zest, spice and luscious twists to all things vegetarian in yet another mouth-watering collection of recipes. Take your pick from a perfectly seasoned Green Mango and Banana Flower Salad or Mushroom Ceviche; a fun combination of Grilled Eggplant with Pepper and Sesame or a spicy, tangy Spinach with Sambal. For those who prefer something sweet, there are delectable desserts - from Apple Dumplings to Beetroot Souffl and Sweet Potato Cupcakes. And to add that special zing to any meal are a host of dips, sauces and condiments. Uncommon yet easy-to-prepare, inventive and exciting, the recipes in Diva Green will reacquaint you with vegetables in all their flavour, colour and goodness, and have you cooking up an enviable feast in no time.

The Search that Seeks you; Sangamithra Amudha, Random House, Rs. 299

The Search that seeks you is a book that concentrates on the powers within,; on the power of meditation as a tool for achieving balance and happiness in life,. “It is not possible to seek or feel God. Yet, you claim that God exists...I feel deceived by it.” So asks ‘Karma’, the protagonist of this award-winning book by Sangamithra Amudha, founder and trustee of Sanmarga Foundations. Told in story form, the book addresses various life situations death, sorrow, happiness, change, and fear of the unknown and provides a thoughtful approach to dealing with them. Along the way, it imparts valuable life lessons that will lead you to self-discovery, enlightenment, and ultimately eternal happiness. A finalist in the ‘Best New Spirituality Book’ category at the International Book Awards, 2012, this books includes a foreword by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India


Wellness ReadsAugust 3, 2013

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