Kite’s Eye View India

Nicolas Chorier,

Rs. 1,495.00

This book showcases the finest work of French photographer Nicolas Chorier who has been using the technique of kite photography. Seen in this work are unique and spectacular views of the wonders of India, jewels such as Amber Fort, Mehrangarh Fort, Pushkar and the beaches and backwaters of Kerala. The pictures are accompanied by anecdotal takes on the odyssey.

How To Get Filthy

Rich In Rising Asia

Mohsin Hamid, Rs. 499.00

Both particular and universal, socially acute and deeply romantic, this is the story of the South Asian city today – a place sizzling with energy, opportunity and inequality - and the life of one man and his extraordinary journey.

Chinese & Japanese Art

Rs. 695.00

The two cultures, of China and Japan, together with that of Korea, are represented here by five millennia of artistic masterpieces which span the history of their regions.

Riot Politics

Ward Berenschot,

Rs. 495.00

Based on extensive ethnographic study of Gujarat’s local politics, this work offers a novel approach to understanding the processes that foster outbursts of communal violence in India.


Matthew Syed, Rs. 299.00

Looking at the latest in sports science, neuroscience, psychology and economics, the author reveals the idea of God-given talent to be a myth, and that the key to achieving greatness lies in hard work, and the right attitude and training.

How Will You

Measure Your Life?

Clayton M. Christensen,

Rs. 399.00

This book doesn’t offer simplistic answers. Instead, it will prompt you to consider the most important questions you’ll ever face. It won’t tell you what to think. Instead, it aims to teach you how to think about your life and purpose by sharing research and theories about success and failure.

Men Of Mathematics

E. T. Bell, Rs. 499.00

Here is the classis, much-read introduction to the craft and history of mathematics. This work explains the major mathematics, from the geometry of the Greeks through Newton’s calculus and on to the laws of probability, symbolic logic, and the fourth dimension. In addition the book goes beyond pure mathematics to present a series of engrossing biographies of the great mathematicians.

The Ultimate Army Cookbook - A Memsahib Cooks

Kikky Sihota, Rs. 795.00

Born into an army family, the author has been accustomed to playing host to a crowd that takes good company and delicious food for granted. Divided into battalions that cover everything from Choto Hazari and Badi Hazari to elegant high teas, the recipes here are a result of years of practice drills.

Business Sutra

Devdutt Pattanaik,

Rs. 695.00

This book uses stories, symbols and rituals drawn from Hindu, Jain and Buddhist mythology to understand a wide variety of business situations that range from running a successful tea stall to nurturing talent in a large multinational corporation. The work presents a radical and nuanced approach to management, business and leadership in a diverse and increasingly polarised world.

Butterflies On The Roof

Of The World

Peter Smetacek,

Rs. 495.00

The writer oversees the largest private collection and moths in India. In this book he invites us into the fascinating world of butterflies. He illuminates for the reader the mysterious world of the elusive insects he has spent a lifetime with and explains why the well-being of butterflies is of vital importance to us all.

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