Eat your spoon!

Prashanth Chintala

Impact Journalism Day 2018 A World Cup for the people in Russia

Angelina Davydova
The performers are part of a contemporary dance initiative called “Dance Well,” using dance as a therapy and integration technique for people with Parkinson’s disease.

Dancing Parkinson’s disease away

Adriana Bazzi

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Yoga behind bars: a way to reduce stress and create harmony

Micaela Urdinez
José Alberto Gutiérrez.
The initiative has produced successful entrepreneurs
One of the olives that was adopted in Oliete, Spain.

Discarded books carry the strength of words

Julián Vivas Banguera

Madagascar’s ‘youth first’ creates leaders

Lova Rabary-Rakotondravony

Saved by the godparents

Patricia Peiró,