Mahi is a two-seater Light Sport Aircraft/ Ultralight Motorglider with a single engine; a Sinus 912 manufactured by Slovenian company Pipistrel

    The Sinus has a wing span of 14.97 m, and empty weight of 285 kg, while the maximum take-off weight is 472.5 kg

    Consumes less than 10 litres an hour at 200 kmph cruise speed; can cover over 1,000 km with a full load in its 60-litre tanks

    Needs less than 100 metres to take off, and can land in tiny airfields or even a 15-metre-wide highway in an emergency

    In favourable winds, can glide using thermals to gain height

    A Sinus was World Champion in 2001. Another flew a record-breaking solo around the world in 2004

    The aircraft is popular with flight schools because of low operating costs and ability to glide as well as fly under power