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Robbery in Oz

Australian expert Terry Brown tells the story: “We arrived at the table and were greeted by Don and Judy Scown of Forster, New South Wales. On the evidence provided by this deal, Forster Bridge Club must be full of hucksters, con artists, and flim-flam merchants. After East opened a 12-14 no trump, West bid two spades, a transfer to clubs. North doubled, showing spades, and then raised his partner’s three-spade call to game.”

“Don led the diamond 10. Judy won with the ace and returned the suit. Brown won in dummy and led a low trump. Good play! Not to be outdone, Judy won this with her ace, not the queen, and led a third diamond. Yes, maybe declarer should have ruffed in with the jack — would you have thought of it? At the table, Brown discarded and West scored his eight of spades. Judy’s trump queen was still to come for one down.”

“So be warned! Make sure to keep your wallet well and truly hidden if you ever go to Forster. There are some horse thieves out there after your hard-earned cash.”

Note that Brown’s play of a low spade at trick three was necessary. Had he crossed to his hand and led a spade to dummy’s 10, a third round of diamonds would have assured the defense of a third trump trick. Also, ruffing the third diamond with the jack seemed pointless, as West could overruff with his “known” queen. Don’t go to Forster!

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