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Mahatma Gandhi at Sewagram.


Quiz: Do you know your Mahatma?


1. In the Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi family tree, who are Raliyatben, Laxmidas and Karsandas?

1. How old was Gandhiji when he married Kasturba Kapadia and how many children did they have?

1. Name the Tamil girl, martyred at 16, whom Gandhiji has gone on record as saying was an inspiration for him to stay the course in the fight for equality in South Africa.

1. An incident that took place on the night of June 7, 1893, acted as a catalyst for Gandhiji to fight against race and colour prejudices. Where and what?

1. After many campaigns, activities and arrests in South Africa, Gandhiji returned to India for good on January 9, 1915. How is the date commemorated?

1. In late 1919, he assumed the editorship of two publications. Name both.

1. On September 22, 1921, what momentous decision did he take in Madurai that changed the way the world looked at him?

1. Who was responsible for giving Mohandas Gandhi the title ‘Mahatma’ and who first referred to him as ‘Rashtriyapitha’ (Father of the Nation)

1. The apostle of Peace was nominated for the Nobel Prize five times between 1937 and 1948 without winning even once. How did the Nobel Committee honour the Mahatma after he was assassinated?

1. Which great personality paid this wonderful tribute to Gandhiji: “Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth”?


Quiz: Do you know your Mahatma?

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