Trivikrama’s appearance

Despite warnings from his guru Sukracharya, Mahabali decided to go ahead and give Vamana what the latter had asked for. Mahabali’s wife Vindhyavali, poured water from a golden vessel on the feet of Vamana, and Mahabali washed the Lord’s feet. He then sprinkled on his head and on Vindhyavali’s head, the water used for washing His feet.

Vamana grew in height and took on the appearance of Trivikrama. The directions, patala loka, the seven oceans, animals, birds, devas and sages were all seen in His body, said Kidambi Narayanan in a discourse. On His palms, Mahabali saw patala loka. On His feet, he saw bhoo loka. On His knees, he saw hills. In His garment, he saw sandhya devi; in His stomach the seven oceans; in His chest stars and Mahalakshmi; in His manas the moon; in His neck Sama Veda and aksharas; in His hands Indra and the other celestials; in His ears the ten directions; in His head svarga loka; in His hair clouds; in His nose vaayu; in His eyes the sun; in His face agni; in His speech the three Vedas; in His tongue Varuna; in His nerves rivers; in His buddhi, Brahma; in His praana, devas and rishis; in His shadow Yama; in His smile Mayadevi; in His back adharma devatas. The Lord had all His weapons in His hands. On His head was a gem studded crown; in His arms He wore jewels; in His ears He wore kundalas; He also wore a belt, the Koustubha gem and vanamala.

When Trivikrama measured the worlds, His foot went up to Satyaloka, the abode of Brahma. Present in Satyaloka were the four Vedas, adhishtana devatas for Ayurveda, dhanurveda, artha sastra, nyaya sastra, vyakarana, candas, nirukta, jyotisha and kalpa. All of them worshipped Him. Brahma washed His foot with water from his kamandala, and that water became the Akasa Ganga.

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