Greatness of Yamuna

River Yamuna has a greatness which is unmatched, elaborated M.A. Venkatakrishnan in a discourse. When infant Krishna was taken by Vasudeva to Nandagopa’s house, the river parted to allow him to pass. Baby Krishna’s feet touched the waters of the Yamuna. And when Krishna was growing up as Yasoda’s son, He bathed in the river, and played on the banks. Which other river has had such good fortune? While Sarayu flows on the banks of Ayodhya, Rama’s city, He did not have the connection with Sarayu, which Krishna had with the Yamuna. It was only when the avatara ends that Rama steps into the Sarayu. Whereas, Yamuna’s association with Krishna begins minutes after His birth.

Coming to Godavari, a river in the South of India, this river did something unforgivable. When Ravana was carrying Sita away, She cried out to Godavari, asking the river to tell Rama that it was Ravana who was abducting Her. But when Rama was looking for Sita and asked the river if she knew where Sita was, the river was silent. Godavari was afraid that Ravana would harm her if she told Rama the truth. Hence the silence. But should the river not have spoken the truth, and helped Rama? The river remaining mum was a blot on its reputation.

Vedanta Desika, in his Goda stuti, says that Godavari’s reputation was redeemed, when Andal was born, for She was also known as Goda. Andal assuming even half of Godavari’s name, was enough to restore the river’s good name! Ravana was far away in Lanka, and yet Godavari was afraid of him. Whereas, the Yamuna flowed adjacent to Kamsa’s palace and yet this river did not fear the consequences of helping Krishna reach safety. That is why Andal praised Yamuna’s blemishless quality.

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