Diverse and unique

The term Sanatana Dharma signifies the code of values that holds the entire creation intact. The amazing feature about this dharma is its unchanging relevance for all times, though change is the very essence of life. Another unique characteristic is its flexibility that accommodates the infinite variety and diversity inherent in individual differences of name, form, gunas, etc, pointed out Velukkudi Sri Krishnan in a discourse. It reinforces the truth that all beings in this world are born owing to past karma, good and bad, and this determines each one’s distinctive characteristics and gunas.

Just as the waters in different wells and water bodies are different, each individual is endowed with distinctness. Factoring in this feature, this dharma teaches that all cannot be expected to tread the same path and that one should accept the faults and failings in others and also remain tolerant.

In the course of one’s life, one’s inherent nature, jnana, upbringing, etc are influenced by the prevailing trends in the external world. Many faiths, philosophical schools of thought, contradictory opinions and interpretations have always flourished in this atmosphere. But the Lord is the inner force in each faith endowing it with its own worth and standing. So whatever faith one follows, faith leads to bhakti and to God.

The main thrust of Sanatana dharma is the search for salvation, the ultimate goal to be attained. Krishna speaks of this in the Gita when He tells Arjuna about how the world and beings are entwined by the three gunas: satva, rajas and tamas. Krishna’s advice is to learn to transcend the impact of the gunas, since these pertain to samsara and keep one bound to it. The aim is to rise towards satva from tamas and rajas and then get established in atma jnana.

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