Advice to Dhritarashtra

The Pandavas have spent 12 years in the forest and another year in disguise. Now it is time for them to claim their rightful share of the kingdom. But Duryodhana is determined that the Pandavas should not get even an inch of land to call their own. Yet, Yudhishthira is reluctant to wage war against his cousins. So he requests Krishna to go to the Kauravas as a messenger of the Pandavas, and to negotiate on their behalf. Krishna stays with Vidura and then goes to the Kaurava court. When Krishna enters the court, His effulgence makes everyone else appear dull, said P.T. Seshadri in a discourse. Bhishma and the others stand up and welcome Krishna. When Krishna speaks, His voice is like the sound of the musical instrument known as dundubhi .

Krishna says that Duryodhana and Karna are responsible for the relationship between the cousins to have soured to this extent. If war breaks out, they are to blame. Krishna says that He is known as the all powerful One. This being the case, if He does not make attempts to stop the war, then people will question Him. That is why He has come to meet Duryodhana.

Addressing Dhritarashtra, Krishna says, “ Neither the Kaurvaas nor the Pandavas should suffer. So, I request you to ensure there is no war. Yours is a great dynasty. There have been many great kings in this clan. Your sons operate against dharma. They are greedy. Whereas, the Pandavas are patient. In fact, they will even protect you, if need arises. Your subjects will die if there is a war. Should many die because of your sons? I have warned you of the consequences of your sons’ actions. Now, you think about it, and make the right decision.” But Dhritarashtra, unfortunately, does not take the right decision, and lets his sons do as they please.

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