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This initiative strives to provide clean drinking water for animals and birds throughout the year

Dog drinking from pot   | Photo Credit: lilyMontalbetti

Lakshman Molleti’s Animal Water Bowl Project (AWBP) India is gearing up to address the need to provide clean drinking water for birds and animals all through the year. The animal lover’s concern for birds and animals on the streets during summer made him wonder ‘how do we ensure that they get clean drinking water even during the non-summer months?’

His response is, water is a basic necessity for all living beings; it is a vital food for animals and birds. The lack of drinking water leads to various health challenges such as dehydration, skin infections, fever and viral infections among animals... many even die due to this. If we are able to provide these animals with healthy surroundings, they will be less prone to diseases, which, in turn, will provide us with a healthier environment to live in.

The bowls created by Animal Water Bowl Project (AWBP) India

The bowls created by Animal Water Bowl Project (AWBP) India  

This line of thnking led to the initiation of the AWBP India which distributes water bowls for free.

Reaching out

Come rain or shine, AWBP India founder Lakshman and his team of volunteers are seen in front of public parks on weekends with cement water bowls. While Lakshman and another volunteer would hold a banner to explain what the bowl is all about, other volunteers talk to those who approach and enquire about the bowls. The sturdy cement bowls with a smooth finish and ‘Animal Water Bowl Project India’ painted on them weigh about seven-10 kilograms (depending on the size) each.

AWBP team interacting with visitors

AWBP team interacting with visitors  

Last weekend the team was spotted at KBR park, unmindful of the harsh heat, attending to the enquiries of curious walkers, and obliging requests for photographs, from those who want to be a part of the cause.

These bowls are given to animal lovers free of cost, but donations in any denomination are welcome; AWBP India will use those funds to make more bowls for distribution. Ever since he started AWBP in April 2017, Lakshman, who is a software engineer, has been dipping into his savings for this purpose.

He envisions that AWBP India can provide every stray animal with safe drinking water round the clock, throughout the year. “We see animals drink whatever water is available, they cannot differentiate between clean and dirty so it is our duty to ensure they have access to clean water,” says Lakshman.

Founder Lakshman Molleti

Founder Lakshman Molleti  

This animal lover, who has already rescued and adopted six dogs of Indian breeds, suggests that if we gift each other a water bowl for animals on special occasions and ensure that they are cleaned and refilled regularly, “We would have solved the drinking water problem for stray animals. Since that is not the case, I decided to bridge the gap. Our intention is to sensitise people by meeting them at public places,” he adds. To raise awareness among children, Lakshman holds water bowlpainting workshops for children during weekends and vacations.

On social media

To further his cause, he has also made a seven-minute ‘Water Bowl Short Film’ for viewing and sharing on YouTube.

The water bowl check-list
  • 1. The bowl has to be filled with water regularly
  • 2. Clean and wash the bowl at regular intervals
  • 3. Bowl has to be checked on all days
  • 4. Clear the bowl of leaves and paper, if any every day
  • 5. Share photos and video clips to raise awareness

AWBP India also rolls out events on FB to enrol volunteers. He says, “The response is heart-warming. There are many young children who want to be active for the cause of animals but don’t know where to go. We have college students ready to volunteer before the college year begins and children ready to spend their holiday mornings campaigning for our water bowl initiative. This is a good sign but we need more participants.”

Apart from the 50-plus events conducted so far at public places in the city, AWBP India is active in Punjab and will soon begin work in Pune as well.

With so many other groups already distributing water bowls, how is AWBP India different? “AWBP India is the first project to address the issue of safe water for animals round the clock throughout the year. Apart from water bowl distribution, our awareness programmes are of high priority,” reasons Lakshman.

This animal lover claims he would give up his job and dedicate his complete attention to social enterprise projects that uplift animal welfare rights and environment.

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