Predicted magnetic field structure of the Sun’s corona of the August 21, 2017 “great American solar eclipse”. Photo courtesy: CESSI/IISER

From plankton to dinosaur: The Hindu Science Quiz


1. This is the outer part of the sun’s atmosphere, at hundreds of degrees higher temperature than the surface. It is visible only during a solar eclipse. What is it called?

1. What is the science of studying pollen, spores, cysts and types of plankton in both fossil and living form called?

1. What is this common substance that is made of polar molecules and is lighter (less dense) as a solid than it its liquid form?

1. Tim Berners-Lee invented the world wide web when he was working in CERN, in 1989. When was it made available to all in an open access format?

1. Modern birds can trace their origins back to a group of meat eating dinosaurs. What is this class of dinosaurs called?

From plankton to dinosaur: The Hindu Science Quiz

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