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And Devil makes three

The Ninja Theory DmC reboot was not all that bad. I know that you’re rushing to grab the nearest throwable object to hurl at this reviewer, but hear me out. Yes, it was panned by fans everywhere for its very Bieber-esque Dante, the iconic anti-hero of the Devil May Cry series. However, it was a fantastic game, with some incredible action, voice work and levels that broke apart and deformed.

Devil May Cry 5
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Price: ₹3499 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Plus, it did have Andy Serkis, the man who played Gollum from The Lord of the Rings movies and a smashing soundtrack from Noisia. After the débâcle that was DmC though, Capcom decided to reverse its path and make a continuation of the series from Devil May Cry 4.

Finally 5 is out and it has brought with it that same flashy, stylish action the series is known for.

What is it about?

Devil May Cry 5 kicks off with a massive demonic tree that appears in Red Grave City. We see our hero Nero lose an arm, and thanks to the bubbly master-of-arms Nico, gets a replacement one, to take down the seemingly invincible demon that has not only seized his arm but has also captured his friends, one of them being Dante. Joining him is a mysterious client just named V, who has contacted them for a stranger-than-usual case. Ultimately, the question of ‘just who is V, a man or a demon?’ forms the core of the story.

And Devil makes three

The story is one hot narrative mess that jumps back and forth through time. Without a helpful timeline map on the loading screens, you would surely lose yourself as the focus switches between Nero and V — everything is interspersed with flashbacks. All of it is neatly gift-wrapped in a stylish package, with cut-scenes that will make Rajinikanth proud — bullets fly in slow motion as Nero flies over the place, hacking up demons to the tune of some pretty good heavy metal music.

While the story does go all over the place, it weaves an action movie-like tale. For purists of the series and those familiar with the creator of DMC Hideki Kamiya’s work, there is a lack of the secret sauce present in his games, including Bayonetta. Plus, you have the added weight of three main characters and the sub-characters to balance. Yet, what DMC 5 brings to the table is deft handling of all those players while staying true to the franchise.

If, at any moment, you were to break out into Hinglish, everything about DMC 5 would fall under the term dhamaal.

How does it play?

While the game starts slow in the prologue, it is only at the point where Nero gets his Devil Breakers that the game reaches its most fun. These replacement arms are fragile, but they pack a heavy punch, and you get to choose from a variety of them, all with good mobility. One of them shoots you into the air at a spin, the other is a rocket punch which you can jump on and ride like a skateboard. All of these add another dimension to the fight and improves Nero significantly as a character from his début in DMC 4.

And Devil makes three

V is another story; he may look young, but has the personality of a wise preacher. Where Nero is likeable, V has an unappealing but cool exterior, given his eccentric style and an even more unique fighting style. On his own, he is weak, and while his walking cane is his primary weapon, he fights with the help of three demonic familiars. This is challenging and a bit hands-off.

Dante, the third character you get to play as, is a blast from the past with all his familiar weapons, including his iconic guns Ebony and Ivory, as well as his fighting styles from DMC 3. He is easily the best part of the game when it comes to fighting and stage (or should I say screen) presence. Rounding things off is a top-notch cast of allies in the form of the sassy Nico, whom you will love, as well as Lady and Trish, who are also back from previous games.

And Devil makes three

The fighting mechanics are excellent, as every character feels responsive. The stylish rankings are great too, as your combos get single-letter ratings based on how diverse your hits are. Using the same engine as Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident Evil 7, the graphics are extremely good, especially when it comes to creating gory membranous bad guys and destructive environments.

Should you get it?

If you are a fan of the Devil May Cry series, or if you are looking out for an excellent action game to satiate that hunger for blood, look no further than Devil May Cry 5. Just remember, this game is intended for mature audiences, as there are dollops of demonic gore.

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