‘Among Us’ online game hit with massive spam attack

Many players called this the most annoying hack ever and requested the developer to address the issue.   | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

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Among Us, the viral multi-player online game has been hit with a massive spam attack that is promoting a mysterious online handle, Eric Loris.

Last week, players across the globe noticed their in-game chat logins were filled with messages promoting Loris’ YouTube channel. Some messages threatened users of hacking their devices if they did not subscribe.

Other messages asked players to vote for Trump, along with the YouTube promotion.

“I hate it here, I just want to play a simple game without eric loris PLEASE,” wrote a user on Twitter.

“Hey guys, Among Us is getting hacked. The rooms get blacked out, players get kicked off, and a red character spams this nonsense,” wrote another player.

While many players called this the most annoying hack ever and requested the developer to address the issue.

Developer InnerSloth said Thursday it was aware of the current hacking trouble and the team was looking into it. It advised users to play private games or with people they trust.

According to a Eurogamer report, the hacker claims to have 50 computers to ‘add more fire power’ to the attack. The spam attack is claimed to have hit 1.5 million games, affecting about 5 million players.

InnerSloth developer Forest Willard rolled out an emergency server update last week. He said that delay in update was to avoid false positive.

Another wave of anti-hacks was launched recently that Willard says should resolve chat spam.

“Wave 2 is fully out. I am aware of some bugs, but it does seem like it was pretty effective,” Willard wrote on Twitter.

He added that not all hacks are blocked but banning or finding another room should be viable again.

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