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A picture taken on May 9, 2019 shows butterflies that are part of the collection of insects of the volunteer-run Entomology Society at the group’s home in Krefeld, western Germany. For almost 30 years they passed as quirky eccentrics, diligently setting up their insect traps in the Rhine countryside to collect tens of millions of bugs and creepy-crawlies. Now the group of German entomology enthusiasts can boast a world-class scientific treasure: evidence of what is described as one of Earth’s worst extinction phases since the dinosaurs vanished.

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The Hindu Science Quiz: The world of insects


1. How many species of insects are there on Earth, approximately?

1. Two of the following butterflies resemble each other. Which is the third one that looks different from the others?

1. Camouflage among insects is when it blends with the background because of its appearance. Mimicry is when it tries to look like something else so that predators are cheated. Which of the following insects has adopted mimicry and not camouflage?

1. The cockroach is an ovoviviparous animal. What does this mean?

1. In honey bees, males develop from unfertilized eggs and females develop from fertilized eggs. Therefore, while females have both sets of chromosomes from father and mother, males are haploid and have only the mother’s chromosomes. This has the following effect:

1. How do insects breathe?

1. This species is often spoken of as an insect but it belongs to a different family. Which one is it among the following?

1. Insects are known to have compound eyes. But some insects, such as bees and wasps, also have simple eyes co-existing with them. What is the term for such simple eyes?

1. Which of the following insects are not eaten by people anywhere in the world?

1. Recently, an Australian bee fly species has been named after a Game of Thrones character. Name the species.

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The Hindu Science Quiz: The world of insects

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