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Drinking water after exercise

It is said that we should not drink water just after strenuous exercise. Is there any scientific basis to it?

Archit Chandak, New Delhi

There is no scientific contemplation behind this belief that we should not drink water just after strenuous exercise. During a workout, the body loses a lot of fluids through sweating and leads to dehydration. So, it is imperative that we consume an adequate amount of water to replenish the lost fluids in the body after the vigorous exercises. In the case of those doing longer workouts of an hour or more, some carbohydrate containing drink may be more beneficial.

However, drinking ice-cold water right after exercising may cause the digestive system and the internal organs to receive a shock, causing chronic pain in the stomach. This is so because the warm temperature of our body after exercising cannot quickly absorb ice-cold water and causes the digestive system to have a hard time.

Astha Khandelwal, Delhi.

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