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The boom in mask-wearing around the world has effected a large range of high-tech face coverings. Tech companies and researchers are producing varied ranges of masks to cash in on the growing trend.

In Japan, Donut Robotics has created a mask that acts as a translator. The company raised nearly 100 million yen via crowdfunding to develop it.

The "C-Face" mask transmits the wearer's speech to a smartphone via an app. It can translate speech from Japanese into English, Korean and other languages.

The "C-Face" mask helps users adhere to social distancing. It allows people to have a conversation while keeping up to 10 metres distance.

But the lightweight silicone device does not offer protection from COVID-19 on its own. It is designed to be worn over a regular face covering.

The "C-Face" mask will go on sale in February 2021, for about 4,000 yen.

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