Planet Symphony Orchestra: an open letter to the government and corporate leaders

On June 5, 2019 — World Environment Day, a global music production was launched by the Planet Symphony Orchestra

On World Environment Day 2019, a global music production was launched by the Planet Symphony Orchestra (PSO) for climate action. Here is an open letter from Chitravina N Ravikiran, initiator of PSO, on what the Climatrix Symphony - Planet Anthem hopes to achieve

Dear Prime Ministers, Presidents, Chief Ministers, Governors, Governments and Corporate leaders

On March 15 this year, the Environmental Emergency that our planet is facing was spotlighted by millions of students from all over the world, who took to the streets in a stunningly coordinated march, the likes of which the world has never seen, demanding Climate Justice from decision makers. Their repeat march last week highlighted the acute anguish of children — transcending national, linguistic or other boundaries — regarding the collective actions and inactions of our generation, especially its decision makers.

Similarly, on June 5, 2019 — World Environment Day, a global music production was launched by the Planet Symphony Orchestra (PSO) for climate action in which hundreds of Grammy and other international award-winning exponents and students of Classical, Jazz, Carnatic, Hindustan, folk and film music collectively recorded the “Climatrix Symphony — Planet Anthem” on a dazzling array of 50 instruments.


With representation from USA, UK, Brazil, India, China, Taiwan, Denmark, Canada, Poland, Italy, Argentina, Venezuela, Serbia, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ukraine etc, this first-of-its-kind musical call aims to draw attention to the following:

  1. Debates, dialogues or denials about whether global warming is manmade or not is moot. There is a dire necessity for preemptive action to prevent an Environmental Meltdown for the sake of our children and all the other species, which are going extinct at an alarmingly increasing rate.
  2. Ignoring the almost unanimous voice of climate scientists will certainly bequeath a planet of problems to subsequent generations, given that 2030 is predicted to be the cut-off point with respect to irreversible global warming, which increases the vulnerability of coastal populations and biodiverse hotspots, amongst others.
  3. While development is absolutely essential, the trend of thoughtless development that is out-of-tune with the planet’s ecosystem should be replaced by models sensitive to environmental consequences. Localised micro-level development in harmony with sustainability (like Anicut dams, recovery or creation of smaller water bodies) could be considered over mammoth, earth-hostile options powered by economic considerations. It would be ideal to create development models that tap into local traditional knowledge of conservation as they are based on the evolutionary wisdom of societies that have blended in harmoniously with nature for millennia.
  4. Corporate houses and consumer industries should hold themselves (or be held) accountable for pollution and environmental damages and corporate social responsibility should also include preventive mechanisms than merely mitigative ones.
  5. Substantial investments are required for R&D for climate solutions, including more economical and eco-friendly desalination, green energy; and incentives need to be provided for innovations that promote sustainability, manufacturing of recyclable and repairable appliances, etc.

While thousands of NGOs and innovators are fighting hard to save the planet, Governments and corporations can (and should) support and exponentially supplement their efforts right at the policy level. To summarise, combating the climate crisis on a war-footing is the only way forward for all of us over the next defining decade or two. And we, the members of the Planet Symphony Orchestra from 60-65 countries, dedicate ourselves to work harmoniously with leaders like you as well as the media to inspire, catalyse and raise funds for climate solutions and initiatives.

Sincerely yours,

Chitravina N Ravikiran

(Ravikiran (www.ravikiranmusic.com) is the initiator of the PSO movement.)

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