Why did Yemen’s Houthi rebels launch an attack on Abu Dhabi? | In Focus podcast

On January 17, two Indians and a Pakistani were killed in a massive explosion in Abu Dhabi . The blast is believed to have been the result of a ‘drone attack’ by Yemen’s Houthi rebels. This attack on the capital of UAE has once again drawn the spotlight to a conflict that has been going on in the region for seven years – the war in Yemen.

This war, which broke out in late 2014 during a period of political instability in the aftermath of the 2011 Arab Spring protests, has become really complicated, with multiple warring factions –the Saudi-backed coalition, the Houthis, the Southern Transitional Council, or the STC, which is another separatist group, besides other countries such as France and the UK which have been helping the Saudi-backed coalition. All of this has triggered what is believed to be the worst ongoing humanitarian crisis in the world.

What are the factors driving this conflict? What is at stake for the different players? And is there any chance of peace returning to the region any time soon? 

Guest: Stanly Johny , The Hindu ’s International Affairs Editor

Host: G. Sampath , Social Affairs Editor, The Hindu

Edited by: Reenu Cyriac

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