Coronavirus update | Data point | With lockdown lifting and cases spiking, India is in a select band of countries (and the worrying trend in our testing rates)

Our fifth data episode on COVID-19 in India comes amidst some alarming numbers. On Monday, June 17, for instance, the country registered an additional 13,232 cases. And these are numbers that are rapidly going up as testing seems to be slowly increasing across the board. At the time of recording the podcast, we are at about 10,870 and the data has not yet come in from Delhi, where testing has been increased manifold. On Tuesday, June 18, Maharashtra added 1,328 deaths and Delhi added 400, including those previously classified as not being COVID-19-related, and these numbers pushed India's death toll past the 12,000 mark.

The themes that we will touch on in this podcast are familiar one. The first thing that we’ll look at is how India compares with countries that have lifted their lockdowns and are correspondingly seeing a massive spike in cases. We’ll also talk about mortality rates and testing.

Guests: Srinivasan Ramani, Deputy National Editor, The Hindu.

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