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Mr. Mathrubootham's shopping dilemma

Respected Madam/Sir,

Mr. Mathrubootham wants only one single thing in whole world. Only one thing. What is that thing? Peace of mind. But what is world saying? World is saying all other items are available Mr. Mathruboootham but peace of mind is out of stock. More stock is coming in two weeks shall I put booking?

This is the problem. Thursday morning what is happening? Nothing. 7 a.m. onwards I am waiting for tension. Some tension will come from somewhere like black cat commando. But by 10 a.m. no tension commandos are coming. So I am thinking let me enjoy day without any chicaneries. At that moment doorbell is going ting tong and I thought welcome chicanery.

Outside who is standing? Mrs. Pramila from 11th floor. Previously she was air hostess in Vayudoot and Indian Airlines and all. Nowadays she is predicting future with playing cards and aromatherapy type things. Two-three years ago she said, Mathrubootham you are tension party. You please take hibiscus oil put it into water and spread the aromas in the house. All tensions will go away. I said, ok why not. If you are giving free oils means I will do.

Madam/ Sir, what happened? I put hibiscus oil in hot water. Then as I am picking up bowl, oil bottle fell on the floor. Next moment I stepped on oil bottle. Next moment I fell on the floor. And hibiscus water fell on me. From 2017 to 2019 I am smelling of hibiscus nonstop. This year only smell is gone.

When I saw Mrs. Pramila I said, hello hello how are you, I have hibiscus oil no need for more supply. She said, very good Mr. Mathrubootham you are feeling totally tension free no? I said, yes, since 2017 no tension.

She said, ok can you do me one favour? My one nephew is here. Nephew said, hello uncle. I said, hello to one young boy 100% ruffian. Mrs. Pramila said, can you please teach him some manners. Every day he is saying purchase this, purchase that. I am asking whether money grows on trees? No value for money. Will you tell him stories from your childhood with nothing but poverty and monthly shopping?

Madam/ Sir, why such things happen only to me? Other people are enjoying like anything. Eating, reading, feeding peacock and all. But Mr. Mathrubootham? Non-stop irritation morning to night.

At that moment Mrs. Mathrubootham came. No problem whatsoever, she said. You please leave the boy for two hours. Pramila said, thank you and left like snake. Then Mrs. M said, you please give education to this young man immediately. Then she also left like second snake. Whether this is flat or Tirunageswaram Naganathaswamy Temple?

I said, boy sit down. I did not wear chappals till 11 years of age. He said, why not? I said, because no money. He said, when money came, you bought chappals or no? I said, yes, immediately my father purchased. He said, I am also saying same thing uncle. If money is there let us do shopping. I said, young man what shopping-shopping you are talking? No other activities are there? When I was your age shopping was maximum once a month. He said, what about these days? You are still shopping once a month?

I was thinking of one punch dialogue when Mrs. M came and said, old man yesterday you purchased wrong type Marie biscuit. Today when you go shopping please get better brand. I said, thanks Kamalam, very useful input at this moment.

Young boy is sitting and smiling. Then he is saying, Uncle, you are shopping every day no? Why you are wasting so much money in old age?

Madam/ Sir, I told him, young man, when you become Prime Minister, please give autograph. Then we proceeded for lunch.

Yours in exasperation,

J. Mathrubootham

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